Installation of Measuring Instrument   
Water Quantity and Quality Monitoring Station

Stations Site 1: 

Ecological Swale Type A  Site 1 Inlet Station  Site 1 Outlet Station
Stations Site 2:
Ecological Swale Type C  Site 2 Inlet Station  Site 2 Outlet Station
Stations Site 3:

Elements in a Water Quantity and Quality Monitoring Station

Ecological Swale Type B  Site 3 Inlet Station  Site 3 Outlet Station
Dry Pond Monitoring Station
Isco Model 4110 Utrasonic Water Lever Logger.

Ultrasonic Logger

Ultrasonic Probe

 Dry Pond K Station (UWL 1)  Dry Pond H Station (UWL 2)
Dry Pond G Station (UWL 3)  Dry Pond E Station (UWL 4) Dry Pond D Station (UWL 5)
Submerged Probe Water Level Logger Station Rain fall Monitoring Station

Submerged Probe Logger

Submerge Probe

 Dry Pond N Station

Site 7 Administration Center Parking Lot Station

Site 8 Wadding River Station 

  Dry Pond M Station

Wetpond Station

Wetland Station

Water Quantity Monitoring Station (Sigma Area Velocity Model) Water Quality Monitoring Station (Multi Parameter Sonde)

Sigma Area Velocity Model

Wetpond Inlet Station

Wetpond Outlet Station

Multi Parameter Sonde

Wetpond Station (Sonde 1)

Detention Pond Inlet Station 

Detention Pond Outlet Station

Wetland Micro pool Station  (Sonde 2) Detention Pond Station (Sonde 3)