Zorkeflee Abu Hasan

B. Sc. (Civil Engineering), 1980, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
M.Sc. (Sediment Transport and River Modeling), 1999, Universiti Sains Malaysia


Zorkeflee Abu Hasan was born on 4th June 1956 in Kg Mesjid Tanah, Melaka. His first degree in Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 1980. Postgraduate studies at University Sains Malaysia, 1999 specializing in Sediment Transport and River Modeling. He works as an Engineer for the Department of Irrigation and Drainage from 16 September 1980 until 15 April 2007. Currently he is working as senior lecturer in REDAC, University Sains Malaysia, Penang.





Mr. Zorkeflee's CV