EAD 513 Hydroinfomatics

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HEC-RAS, Version 4.0  ...<More>


HEC-HMS, Version 3.2     ....<More>


HEC-HMS User's Manual         ....<More>


Yener, M.K., Şorman, A.A. & Gezgin, T. (2007). Modeling Studies with Hec-Hms and Runoff Scenarios in Yuvacik Basin, Turkiye. International Congress River Basin Management Antalya, Turkey, 22-24 March. Pp 621-634.


FLUVIAL-12     ....<More>


FLUVIAL-12 User's Manual         ....<More>


EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) 5.0       ....<More>


EPA SWMM 5.0 User's Manual         ....<More>