Professor Dr. Nor Azazi Zakaria


Nor Azazi Bin Zakaria was born in Kelantan and obtained his Diploma in Civil Engineering in 1984 and his first degree in Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) in 1988 from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. After obtaining  Diploma he served Lembaga Letrik Negara (now known as Tenaga Nasional Berhad) in Mini Hydro Department as Technical Assistant. He involved in design team and supervision of several Mini Hydro projects in Selangor  (Sg. Kerling, Rawang)  and Perak (Sg. Kenas & Sg. Gebul, Kuala Kangsar, Sg. Temelong, Lenggong, Sg. Kinjang, Tapah and Sg. Bil, Slim River).

 He later pursued his postgraduate studies at University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.  He received his MSc degree in Geotechnical Engineering in October 1990 and completed his PhD study in December 1994 specializing in Soil Reinforcement Over Supersoft Soils.   

Dr. Nor Azazi works as a lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Engineering Campus since December 1994.  He was appointed as Program Chairman Of Development, Research and Consultancy in School of Civil Engineering  from 1998 to 2000 and as Program Chairman of Co-Curriculum  for the Engineering Campus since 1999 and is currently being appointed as the Director Of River Engineering And Urban Drainage Research Centre (REDAC). His main research interests are Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems , Sediment Transport In River/Drain, Environmental Management and Soil Treatment & Soil Reinforcement Techniques.

 In 1997 he formed a virtual research unit known as River Engineering and Urban Drainage Unit (UKSSB).  The unit has since received several  research grants to solve flash flood & river stability problems in urban areas,  and environmental projects from the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Malaysia, Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP), and Private Consultant Companies. Since May 2001, UKSSB has been upgraded to a Research Centre namely River Engineering And Urban Drainage Research Centre (REDAC) approved by The Ministry of Education Malaysia.  Among major research and consultancy jobs currently being conducted by REDAC are The Application of Bio-Ecological Drainage Systems in Malaysia or BIOECODS (RM 2, 900,000.00), River Sediment Data Collection and Analysis (RM 412,000.00), and Peak Flow Attenuation Using Infiltration Engineering Systems and Storage Tank at USM's Perak Branch Campus (RM 800,000.00).  Recently REDAC has received grants for 4 new research projects under IRPA RM-8 totaling RM 600,000.00. REDAC is also in the process to be appointed as a consultant for few new development of University and School projects throughout Malaysia focusing on environmental issue of the project through the application of BIOECODS. These projects will enhance and further acknowledge REDAC's expertise in solving the current water related problems including flash flood, river pollution and water shortage in Malaysia.

 Dr. Nor Azazi has published more than 80 articles in local and international journal and conference proceedings.  He has  also actively participated at national level in promoting the new technology associated with the new urban drainage manual known as Urban Stormwater Management Manual For Malaysia. His expertise has been recognised when he was invited to address the current issue in the National Dailogue for the Implementation Of  Urban Stormwater Management Manual For Malaysia in Penang on 13th August 2001. He also participated in Study Tour to Australia as a Malaysian Delegation to expose Australian experience in implementation of the stormwater management facilities. His contribution and hard working enable him to be awarded "Staff Excellence Award" for USM Services for the year 1999.

 Through this hard work and full determination in carrying out the innovative research,  he receive  several national awards for the BIOECODS project including Perak Foundation Excellence in Engineering Research Award 2001, CIDB Construction Innovation and Invention Meritorious Award 2001, USM's Sanggar Sanjung (Hall of Fame) Gold Award and Silver Medal from Malaysian Invention And Design Society (MINDS) in a prestigious 13th International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design and Technology Exhibition (I.TEX  2002), Kuala Lumpur.

 Research and Consultancy Areas 

Sediment Transport in Rivers and Drains; River Management; Best Management Practices in Urban Drainage, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan,  Soil Improvement Techniques, Soil Reinforcement and Site Investigation