R&D Colloquium on River Engineering and Urban Drainage

Vistana Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

14th - 15th August 2001


The first R&D Colloquium on River Engineering and Urban Drainage was organized by REDAC and Malaysian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (MANCID) with the following objective:

To determine the direction of research on River Engineering and Urban Drainage in Malaysia for the next 10 year.

A workshop was held on the second day of the colloquium to set the research direction in River Engineering and Urban Drainage. Twenty presentations were made to raise ideas regarding the future research topics.

60 participants attended the colloquium. The participants and paper presenters were researchers and engineers from government and private agencies involved directly in River Engineering and Urban Drainage.

The colloquium covers the following topics:

  • Stormwater Management

  • Urban Hydrology

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage System

  • Water Quality Improvement

  • Wetland

  • Sediment Transport in Rivers/Drains

  • River Modeling

  • Environmental Management Plan

 The resolutions adopted in this colloquium are as follows:

  • Formation of National River Authority (NRA)

  • Formation of Water Resource Ministry

  • Educational Campaign: targeting on the young generation towards the environment

  • Achieving DOE’s Water Quality Standard

  • Improving Hydrology Data Collection

  • Consolidation on River Basin Information System (RBIS)

  • Review the laws and policies (contradiction between state and federal)

  • Publics Sensitivity

  • Application of Green Technology

  • Evaluation on Environmental Sensitivity

  • Emphasis on Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping

  • Water Quality Control using Detention Pond

  • Use of Bio-Ecological Products for River Bank Protection

  • Study on Vegetation Effect on Hydraulic and Water Quality For River System

  • Provision of Economic Incentive And Equipment for MSMA Implementation

  • Provision of Research Funding From Industry

  • Utilization of 3R Concept : Redo-Reuse-Recycle

  • Promoting River Eco-Tourism

  • Promoting Cooperation among Researchers and Industry