Seminar On Water Resources & Environment



 Application of Nuclear Related Technologies

3rd – 5th April 2006

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Perak



The Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia (DID Malaysia) and Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT) have been working together in research studies since 1999, exploring the usage of nuclear technology in the field of water resources.

The application of nuclear techniques in water resources and environmental related management issues is a relatively new concept. Over the last five decades, numbers of important results have been attained in several types of hydrological, engineering, and environmental problem using isotopic techniques. The isotopic techniques have been applied in the investigation of seepage losses from dams and canals, groundwater resources and recharge mechanism, groundwater flow dynamics, groundwater dating, soil erosion and reservoir sedimentation, sediment movement and transport pathway in estuarine and coastal areas, geothermal resources evaluation, stream flow measurements, pollution transport behaviour, etc. It offers unique techniques that may help in supplying information to assist end-users in decision making such as in the development and management of water resources projects, formulation of new policies, strategies and guidelines.

In the 21/2 days awareness seminar, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts are invited to present lead papers. They would also assist local researchers in formulating directions for future research activities in the use of nuclear technique in water resources management and related environmental studies.

Technical Visit

A technical visit to River Engineering and Urban Drainage research Center (REDAC), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has been arranged. The center is well-known with its urbanstormwater management model. A demonstration to measure velocity and discharge using radioisotope technique will also be conducted at Bukit Merah dam’s spillway or Selinsing Canal.



  • Disseminate JPS-MINT’s research outputs related to nuclear technology.


  • Provide platform for researchers, engineers, academicians, and professionals in sharing ideas and solving issues in the areas of water resources and environment.


  • Disseminate to policy makers, dam managers, researchers and relevant parties regarding the application of nuclear technology in water resources and environment.


  • Share ideas and exchange research findings which can contribute to the formulation of action plans and strategies on sustainable water resources and environment.


Who Should Attend

Scientist, managers, policy makers, planners, academia, professionals and student involved in water resources and environment.





Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

0800 – 0830


Technical visit and Flow Demonstration  

0830 – 0900

Session 3
Keynote Address II

0900 – 0930

Opening Ceremony

Lead Paper 2

0930 – 1000

Tea Break

Estuary and Coastal Studies
Paper 12
Paper 13

Tea Break

Slope Stability Investigation
Paper 15
Paper 16

1000 – 1030

Session 1
Keynote Address I

1030 – 1100

Lead Paper I

1100 – 1130

Dam Surveillance
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3

River Management
Paper 4
Paper 5

1130 – 1200

Q & A

1200 – 1230

Panel Discussion

1240 – 1300

Q & A

1300 – 1330

Afternoon Break Summary / Closing

1330 – 1400


1400 – 1430

Session 2
Water Resources & Stream Flow Measurement
Paper 6
Paper 7
Paper 8
Paper 9
Paper 10
Paper 11

1430 – 1500

1500 – 1530

1530 – 1600

1600 – 1630

Q & A

1600 – 1700

1700 – 1730

Tea Break






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                 For further enquiries, please contact:



Pn. Puteri Rozlina Abd Rahman

(Tel: 03-26972541 - DID Malaysia)


Dr. Wan Zakaria b. Wan Mohd Tahir

(Tel: 03-89250510 - MINT)