REDAC's Research Facilities 

REDAC's facilities presently consists of an administrative office, a technical office and laboratories (Physical Modeling Lab, Limnology Lab,and Computer Lab).


Administrative Office Technical Office
Environmental Science Lab Laboratory (Front View)

Geo-Environmental Lab

Limnology Lab

Physical Modeling Lab

Computer Lab

REDAC is going to have various laboratories (size 60 m length x 35 m width) equipped with the basic as well as sophisticated equipment and instrumentation. Some of the proposed laboratories to be constructed in near future are:

  • Limnology Lab

  • Physical Modeling Lab

  • Geo-Environmental Lab

  • Hydro-Informatics Lab

  • Computer Lab

List of available sampling equipments:

Water Quantity Sampling:

  • Universal Current Meter

  • Wading Type Electromagnetic Current Meter

  • Wading Type Propeller Current Meter

  • Laboratory Electronic Flow Meter

Water Quality Sampling:

  • Portable water quality educator monitoring outfit

  • Portable spectrophotometer

  • Portable Dissolve Oxygen Meter

 Soil & Sediment Sampling:

  • Laboratory Oven

  • Sieve Set Including Shaker

  • Suspended Type HS Bed Load Sampler

  • Hand Held Type HS Bed Load Sampler

  • Van Veen Grab Sampler

  • Double Ring Infiltrometer

  • Water Level Recorder With Data Logger

List of available modeling Software's are:

River Engineering:

  • XP-SWMM Model

  • Fluvial 12 & 14 Models

  • HEC-6 Hydraulic and Sediment Transport Model

  • InfoWorks for River Simulation (RS)

Urban Drainage:

  • Pond Pack

  • MIDUSS 98


  • XP-SWMM Model

  • InfoWorks 11.0 for Collection Systems (CS)


  • ArcView GIS 3.2

  • ArcGIS 9.2

  • ArcView GIS Spatial Analyst

  • ArcView GIS 3D Analyst

  • PC ARC/Info

  • TecPlot 360 EX

  • Simply Fortran, Intel Fortran Compiler

  • AutoCAD 2016


Last Updated : 27th October 2016