Esomus metallicus in USM Engineering Campus
Striped flying barb

(source: fishbase, Compiled by SSK)

Esomus  metallicus 
 Family: Cyprinidae  
 Order: Cypriniformes
 Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
 FB name: Striped flying barb
 Max. size: 7.5 cm SL (male/unsexed)
 Environment: benthopelagic; freshwater; brackish
 Climate: tropical; 22 - 26°C
fisheries: commercial
 Distribution: Asia: Mekong, Salween and Chao Phraya basins; also from the northern Malay Peninsula.
 Diagnosis:  Dorsal softrays (total): 8-8; Anal soft-rays: 8-8. Has a prominent mid lateral stripe on the body; two pairs of barbels, with the anterior (rostral) barbels extending at most to posterior margin of eye .
 Biology: Usually associated with standing or slow-flowing, shallow waters . Abundant in flooded rice-paddies, canals and ditches. Avoids large rivers and only moves from temporarily inundated habitats if necessitated by seasonal habitat disappearance . Moves into seasonally inundated areas as soon as they are flooded. Feeds on zooplankton, terrestrial insects and aquatic insect larvae. Occasionally sold fresh and used to make prahoc
 Threatened: Not in IUCN Red List  () ,
 Dangerous: harmless
 Main Ref: Rainboth, W.J.. 1996.