Project Title: River Inventory and Monitoring Program (RIMP)

Funder: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE)


Duration: 1st December 2008 - 30th November 2009



Researchers :

                        Prof. Dr. Nor Azazi Zakaria <>

                        Prof. Dr. Aminuddin Ab. Ghani <>

                        Prof  Dr. Chan Ngai Weng <>

                        Dr. Lai Sai Hin

                        Dr. Darrien Mah Yau Seng

                        Zorkeflee Abu Hasan <>

                        Chang Chun Kiat <>

                        Khairul Rahmah Ayub <>

                        Azra Azreen Kamarjalman <>

Project Report :

The project consists of a single volume as stated below:

Final Report


Background :

The River Inventory and Monitoring Program (RIMP) is a depository of riverine information and a clearing house whereby public can seek information and data on Sarawak's rivers. it is a federal and state collaboration project funded by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE), commissioned by Sarawak Rivers Board (SRB).


Study Area :

This study covers the area of Sg. Sarawak Basin, from estuary (Muara Tebas) to upper catchments. However, river modelling work only involves area from Kuching Barrage to upstream region due to constraints of data, time and cost.  The model however can be upgraded to covers the downstream area (From Barrage to Muara Tebas) in future when the required data is available.

Sg. Sarawak Basin, Sarawak (Source: DID, Sarawak)


Scope of Work :

The scope of work for this study is to submit a proposal that formulate conceptual framework which shall include physical structures, manpower requirement and financial implication such as capital outlays, recurrent operating cost and finalizing the detail requirements and total cost estimate of each component of the project:

  • To formulate conceptual design and components need for the implementation/build-up of River Information Center (RIC) at the Sarawak Rivers Board, HQ in Kuching.

  • To be utilized as one of the input component to formulate plans for the implementation River Monitoring Program (RMP).

  • To formulate plan for the set-up of river profiling and inventory program (RPIP) for Sarawak River in a short-term period.

  • To propose computer networking required at the Sarawak Rivers Board, HQ in Kuching.

River Profiling and Inventory Program (RPIP) :

A database and RIMP website for this River profiling and Inventory Program have been suggested.  The database is suggested according to the project objectives and it is expandable to include a wider scope of interest in future. On the other hand, the suggested RIMP website is to provide an interface so that information stored in the database can be provided to interested parties.  The website would consisted of 10 components (Home, General Information, River Profiling, Flood, Navigation, GIS, Newsroom, Publications, Webcams and Contact) which provide information related to Sg. Sarawak and a number of internal/external links in which extra useful data and information can be obtained.

Components for River Profiling and Inventory Program, Sg. Sarawak Basin

Front Page for RIMP of Sg. Sarawak


River Modelling :

A Sungai Sarawak basin-wide model is developed using the InfoWorks software. Flood mapping of extreme events, like the 50-year return period flood in February 2003, and 100-year return period floods in January 2004 and January 2009 floods have been computed to give insights to the river processes in Sungai Sarawak. The modeling results would be useful for decision support purposes in river basin management.

Model Calibration of February 2003 Flood Event at Ship Lock, Muara Tebas

Model Validation of January 2004 Flood Event at Batu Kawa Bridge

Computed Flood Map of January 2004

Opening of Barrage Gates and its Simulated Levels
(9/1/2009 @ 0200 - 1200 hours)


Networking System :

Based on the existing network facilities and system requirement, the most suitable Server and Network devices have been proposed to ensure sufficient data storage capacity, bandwidth for proper transmission of data and web streaming (e.g. from telemetry stations to server and from server to cloud), etc.

Proposed Networking System for Immediate Implementation

Proposed Networking System for Future Expansion


Conceptual Framework and Project Components :

The overall conceptual planning for this River Inventory and Monitoring Programme is shown below.  Further detail on the function of each component, Infrastructure & manpower requirement, Cost Estimation, suggested CEPA, etc are provided in the final report.

Conceptual Framework for RIMP Sg. Sarawak


Selected Publications :

Mah, D.Y.S. (2011). Modelling of Sea Level Rise and River System, Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. 20, No. 2, pp. 108-114, ISSN: 0965-3562, DOI: 10.1108/09653561111126058 <download>

Mah, D.Y.S., Putuhena, F.J. & Lai, S.H. (2011). Modelling the Flood Vulnerability of Deltaic Kuching City, Malaysia, Natural Hazards, Springer. DOI: 10.1007/s11069-011-9731-x <download>

Mah, D.Y.S., Hii, C.P., Putuhena, F.J. & Lai, S.H. (2011). River Modelling to Infer Flood Management Framework, Water SA, South African Water Research Commission, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 121-126, ISSN: 0378-4738 <download>