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The final report presents the results for the subsurface infiltration and storage tank systems which were used to control stormwater quantity in Engineering Campus Universiti Sains Malaysia, Tronoh, Perak. The purposes of this study are: 


  • As a pilot research for Malaysian application
  • To study the efficiency of subsurface infiltration and storage tank to attenuate stormwater runoff
  • To study the effectiveness and efficiency of infiltration and storage tank technique to reduce flood woes in Malaysia
  • To analyses cost benefit of the systems
  • To provide a sustainable environment for urban communities


Three different infiltration and storage techniques have been selected based on the surrounding soil conditions. These systems are module infiltration system, loose rock infiltration system and module storage tank system.

Data acquisition has been carried out into two stages from July 2000 to March 2001 (Stage I) and from April 2001 to September 2001 (Stage II). Stage II was executed after few modifications have been done to improve system efficiency. Around 50 rainfall events were recorded and analyzed. 


Accompanied with this report is a guideline on infiltration and storage tank design for Malaysian application has been drafted.

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