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Valdor village and its surrounding areas which covers an area of approximately 160 hectares, is situated in Mukim 3, Seberang Perai Selatan. This area has been served by two main outlet drains namely Parit Pertanian and Parit Paya Mahang, which are maintained by JPS.


The drainage problem encountered by the village is partly due to the absence of  proper network of internal drains within the village. The flooding problem has worsened with the rapid increase in development and the change in landuse pattern, i.e. from a predominantly rural and agricultural/farm setting to that of a newly developed settlement area. 


The principal objectives of the study are listed as follows:

  • To study the flooding and drainage problems in the study area.

  • To propose feasible flood mitigation and drainage enhancement works for immediate implementation to cater for the study area.

  • To propose conceptual and preliminary designs of the proposed works including their layout and typical designs of components and to determine the land acquisition requirements.

  • To collect data and information required for the detailed design of the works.


Four alternatives have been proposed in this study which can be categorized into two main categories namely, Conventional Drainage System (Alternatives I and III) and Ecological Drainage System (Alternatives II and IV). Both structural and non-structural flood mitigation measures have been proposed to mitigate the flood problems.


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