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This report covers the testing program undertaken in designing pump sump for Taman Chai Leng Flood Mitigation in Seberang Perai Tengah, Penang. The operations of four pumps on the 1/10th scale physical model for the proposed pumping station were tested in Hydrology/Hydraulics Laboratory at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Perak Branch Campus, Seri Iskandar.


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The purposes of hydraulic model test are to identify:

  • Surfaces vortices that may draw air from free surfaces into the pump, causing unbalanced loading of the  impeller, periodic vibrator and reduction in pump capacity.

  • Subsurface vortices, which may emanate from the floor, side or back walls, or both, entering the pump, causing vibration and cavitation.

  • Pre-rotation of flow entering the pump which will change the attached angle of the impeller blades from the design value and may affect pump efficiency and cause cavitation.

  • An uneven distribution of flow at the pump throat which may cause vibration and cavitation.

  • Separation of flow from the pump suction bell surface extending to the throat which may cause a non-uniform flow field at the impeller and also the possibility of cavitation.


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